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Fukuda Yamada-Nishiki



Producing Area: Hirato City,Nagasaki

Brewery: Fukuda Brewery

Transparent with gentle faint yellowish color. Elegant yet gentle aroma of steamed rice that is originated from rice koji (malted rice). Fruity aroma with a hint of grapes, gentle umami and acidity. In a mouth, feel a volume at first, but end with a refreshing and light finish, which the flavor is so natural that it allow you to drink without getting tired. Gold medal awarded in KURA MASTER 2018 (sake contest in France) Silver medal awarded in IWC 2018 (sake contest in UK)

  • Region: Nagasaki
  • Grade: Junmai Ginjo
  • Kake-Rice: Yamadanisiki, 55% polishing
  • Koji-Rice: Yamadanisiki, 55% polishing
  • ALCOHOL: 15%
  • SMV: +0
  • SIZE: 720ml
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