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45 kilometers towards east from Sapporo, you will find Kobayashi Sake Brewery that brews the famous sake “Kita No Nishiki.” The name “Kita No Nishiki” came from their wish to decorate the north with “Nishiki” – which is a Japanese proverb meaning to return to one’s hometown in glory. The sake label has become famous in Hokkaido. The brewery developed with the coal industry in Sorachi Region, the area, undertook the role of energy policies in Japan and kept bringing innovations to sake brewing in Hokkaido with their revolutionary approaches.

The brewers believe that Ginjo and Daiginjo sake are works of art which truly embody the Japanese spirit, and therefore dedicate themselves to the exclusive production of these high grades. Thanks to this, they are widely recognized as one of Japan’s best jizake breweries.

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