Founded in 1804 in the mountains of the Fukui prefecture, east of central Japan, Kokuryu Shuzo is consistently regarded as one of the top 10 producers of sake, with the emperor of Japan even going so far as to call Kokuryu as his brewery of choice, further adding on to the massive cult following this small-batch production brewery already has.

Kokuryu is widely regarded as one of the most innovative of sake breweries of all time, as a result of their 7th-generation brewer Naoto Mizuno’s being the first to apply French-wine maturation techniques to sake-making in the 70s, being part of the pioneer batch breweries of daiginjo sakes, in addition to being meticulous about the quality of the water that they use, (they use a subterranean soft water to create very elegant and extremely complex sakes), constantly creating creating some of Japan’s most globally coveted sakes.

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