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Established in 1660 in Miwa, Nara, known as the resting place of god of sake, Mimurosugi has been brewing for more than 350 years. They are devoted to the “god of sake” and “god of brewing” and brewing for Omiwa Shrine, Japan’s oldest shrine. The brewery’s slogan is “to drink Miwa”. They use water from their wells in the brewery which draws ground water from the sacred Mt. Miwa The rice used is grown with the same water by specially contracted farms.

Although the Miwa area in Nara is said to be the origin of sake brewing in Japan, Imanishi Sake Brewery is the last remaining brewery in the area. After over 350 years, it is still run by the same family. The brewery uses spring water from Mt. Miwa and local rice to make their sake. The current building was constructed 120 years ago and retains its traditional atmosphere. They insists on small, handmade batches, ensuring that their product remains “old yet new.”

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