The Nakamura Shochu distillery is tucked in the countryside; located in Kabul Plain in Kirishima City of the greater Kagoshima prefecture, the distillery has been producing shochu since 1888. Its production is carried out in a stone acupuncture chamber that is the only one of its kind in Kyushu. This sets Nakamura’s shochu apart from the rest, as all other brands use more traditional methods.

Kagoshima prefecture is known for having active volcanic soil. This feature lends itself to the unique “Karugen farming method” that is employed to compensate for the lack of calcium and magnesium in the soil. Kagoshima’s rice (Hinohikari) is made in this manner; rice-bran used in the production of Nakamura’s products is hand-made, contributing to the uniqueness of this highly-respected line of shochu.

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