Sari in Sankrit means rice. It is from the Sankrit that the Japanese word “Shari” or “sushi rice” received its name. In a region renowned for its rice and seafood “Sari” is emerging as the perfect pair to your Echizen cuisine.

Mouri Shuzo has been making sake using traditional methods for over the last hundred years. Sasaki Kojiro has developed the secret sword skill known as “Turning Swallow Cut” at Ichijo waterfall. Moreover, swallows have been beneficial birds in Japanese wet-rice cultivation. They’re considered to be symbols of business success, as they say, “build a nest where their people come and go.” Inspired by this legend, they have adopted the swallow as the symbol of Sari. In their first year of producing Sari, swallows appeared at the brewery and began to nest. This was considered as a sign of good luck.

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